The Children Coming Home​!​-​English

by Aiton Birnbaum


Dedicated to all captives, the missing, and their families,
and as a prayer for Gilad Shalit.


The Children Coming Home

Oh a call is heard, a sound from Ramah, a voice is heard on high;
Lamentation, wailing, a mother’s bitter cry.
It’s Rachel who weeps, for her little ones,
completely woebegone;
all comfort refused, solace denied, for her children,
daughters and sons--they are gone.
Restrain your voice from weeping,
and tears from your eyes.
Soothe your pain & your cries, your fears & your sighs,
and hear the reason why:
There will be reward, for all you have borne,
soon they will be free.
There is hope for all who yearn,
the children shall return,
they will come home, they’re coming home –
you will have peace.
Oh son, so many years,
so many prayers, so many tears;
we sing this song for you.
Your brothers here back in the Land,
reaching out to take your hand;
we're all anxiously awaiting you…
Mother Rachel in travail, do you hear, Israel?
Hear O’ Israel!
Cries of hope not of fear!
We shall do and we shall hear--
Hear the children, so very near – they’re coming home!
Here! The children!
We’ll no more sing alone, the children coming home!
They’re coming home, all the children, coming home!


released December 20, 2009
Words (see Jeremiah 31), music, vocals: Aiton Birnbaum
Arrangement, bass guitar, darbuka, percussion, additional vocals: Shai Dayan
Classical & acoustic guitars, recording & mix: Ilan Shalom



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