A New Song

by Aiton Birnbaum

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All new songs based on the ancient sources.
Hoping they might foster mental and spiritual well being, bring folks closer to the rich sources of Judaism, and encourage Jews and all people to sing out and strive for our shared universal values of justice and peace -- for all humankind.


released October 13, 2011

Lyrics, translations, music, vocals: Aiton Birnbaum
Drums, percussion: Nir Segal
Guitars, bass, keyboard, wind & string instruments, add. vocals: Reuven Hayoon
Vocals recording: Sharon Ifat
Arrangement: Reuven Hayoon
Recording and mastering: Oov Studios


To my parents, Rabbi Ervin & Hadassa Birnbaum who surrounded us with Judaism & Jewish music, for all their love and support; to Liel, Dafni, Dani & Bat ella (my role models); and to my wonderful kids, Sheer, Yami, and Meshi, and all their beautiful cousins (b"h). Remembering my grandparents who also brought Judaism and song into our lives; Uncle Lloyd Halperin, and Uncle Frank Birnbaum, holocaust survivor & life-long Cantor: "And the Melody Lingers On."
Love & thanks to Miki & Elisheva, Shai Dayan, Shiri Argov, Yossef Hadar, Liat Lev & family, sculptress Shula Shoval & Prof. Aharon Mamman; to H.I.L.I. & Rosedale Jewish Center; Midreshet Sde Boker Nativ Angli; to Stan & Donna Messer, Joe Rosenstein, David Rogoff, Pam & Jerry Dorman-Langer and Jeff and Lori Axelbank-Freedman of the Highland Park NJ Minyan; to Ruth Schulman & my teachers at Rutgers-GSAPP; to the UCLA Westwood Bayit & Temple Sinai, San Jose; and to the good folks at Sodastream, Nike-Israel, & Divorcing Peacefully; to Shearim-Netanya, Pardes-Pardessiya, Beth Israel Netanya, and to Sharon Ifat, Nir Segal & especially Reuven Hayoon (Oov).



all rights reserved
Track Name: Shalom Aleichem - Peace Upon You
Shalom Aleichem

Welcome, Shalom, angels serving the Most High
Shalom, peace upon you and this home,
from the Holy One, as you draw nigh

God of Truth, to know you we can only try,
you who know all the answers why
Maker of earth and creator of the sky,
the Holy One, as we draw nigh

Come in peace, come in love,
angels serving the Most High
Fount of life, within us all so close & yet above,
the Holy One, as you draw nigh

Bless me with peace, my pain decrease,
angels serving the Most High
Bring me peace, angels of peace,
Oh God — to you I cry! Na, na, na…

Go in peace, angels of peace,
angels serving the Most High
Source of love, and all release,
we bid you a fond farewell, good bye

Bless us with peace, let evil cease,
angels serving the Most High
Bring us peace, angels of peace,
Oh God — hear our cry! Na, na, na…

Shalom, peace upon you from above,
angels serving the Most High
From God of peace, God of love,
we'll all meet again soon, bye and bye...
Track Name: We Sent a Boy
We Sent a Boy

We sent a boy to his brothers in the north,
and loyally he did go forth
Stripped of his coat into a pit he was tossed,
and all trace of him was lost

Where is our boy? We miss him!
T'was said he's torn limb from limb…
But doubts burn deep and dark within,
the light of our very soul grows dim

For years all comfort I do refuse,
to give up hope, and the hunt for clues
I'd travel to the ends of the earth--wear out my shoes,
to check each lead, any source of news

But there's no sign of my boy,
no coat of blood, nor cause for joy
Jacob and Rachel crying to the One –
Will they lose yet another son?

Does my Joseph yet survive?
We'll meet again and I'll revive…
Are my parents still alive?
The great reunion will arrive!
Track Name: David Fled (Evil Comes from Evil)
Then David fled, to the wilderness of Ein Gedi,
but Saul hunted him among the cliffs and deep ravines
Then to relieve himself Saul went inside the very cave
where David and his men were hid unseen

Said David's men: God has delivered your foe unto your hands,
but David rebuked them all and held them at bay
With his knife, from behind, he cut the corner of Saul's coat,
who when finished stood up and went on his way

Then David called out, bowing low: Father, hear my plea,
for God has delivered you unto me!
But evil deeds shall only come from wicked men --
though you hunt me,
I'd never harm my Lord King, can't you see?

And Saul broke down and cried: Is that your voice, David, my son?
You are in the right; I am undone!
You've spared my life, though I've tried for so long to hunt you down;
Today I know that you're the one who'll wear my crown.

Thus did David cry, bowing low: Father, hear my plea,
for God has delivered you unto me!
But evil deeds shall only come from wicked men --
though you hunt me,
I'd never harm my Lord King, can't you see?!
Track Name: Do Right By the Weak
Do right by the weak, who can't fight any more
And I'll restore your judges, as in days of yore;
Help the orphan, the widow and the stranger at your door
And I'll restore your judges and advisors like before

Only then will you be called the "Town of Justice"
for (you know) injustice I abhor.
Yes then will you be called the "Town of Justice"
the "Faithful City" I adore!

Zion in justice you shall find redemption,
as all return in truth to me!
Zion, Zion find your salvation --
with me in peace and harmony!

As your judges I restore
As in love -- I thee restore
Track Name: I Thee Betroth Forever More
And it shall come to pass the end of days,
you’ll call to me “My Man”--not husband any more
To my scattered flock I’ll call out: Be restored! –
My covenant with you and all life as in days of yore

I thee betroth forever more,
I thee betroth in justice – never cease
I thee betroth forever more,
I thee betroth in love, in compassion and in peace

Then I shall call upon the skies above,
and their reply to earth shall fill up every well
And earth shall call upon her grains of love,
to dance and be gathered from each field and tree of Jezreel

I shall sow the seeds of peace upon the Land,
with each daughter and with each and every son
And you shall know your God and understand,
and you’ll call out to me: “My Holy One!”

You shall rest secure upon the Land,
while I break bow and sword, and every sign of war
And I shall comfort all who could not stand,
as in faith I thee betroth – forever more!
Track Name: Return O Israel
Return, return O Israel, to Hashem your God
for when you've failed O Israel, you've not been spared the rod.
But I am as an evergreen, my fruit is here for thee,
so return oh Israel, just come back to me.

Take and hold onto God's words, continue to take heed
Hold O Israel to the path, don't just pray--bring deeds!
Talk to God, the God of good, forgiver of all sin
Return to God O Israel, save the downtrodden,
the poor, widow and orphan

I'll heal your pain, love you free, end all your woes
I'll be as dew upon Israel, you'll blossom like a rose.
Branches spread in majesty, you olive by the sea
In comfort and tranquility, with me as your melody

Who is wise to see these things, rooted cedar of Lebanon
The ways of God are just and good, so righteously sing on.
Return, return O Israel, as trees reach for the sky
Return, return O Israel to the one true God on high.
Track Name: God How Many Troubles
Oh God how many troubles,
so many foes--no reason why
But you, my shield, my honor—
help me go on with my head held high
Yes, you help me walk with head held high

I call to God—loud and clear (and you will answer me!
Thousands surround me--I have no fear
(What can they do to me?!)
Rise up my God this very day
(and hear us pray/let us hear you say)
Your salvation's on the way

God, please do not delay,
help me cope with any blow without dismay
Turn the heart of every enemy around,
let good will and friendship now abound,
and please keep my loved ones safe and sound

Together each step of the way
Let us bring your salvation every day
Track Name: March Around Zion
To the City of God, who makes her strong,
filled with justice by God's hand
The daughters of Judea shall dance all night long,
for the law has spread throughout the Land

March around Zion, circle her about,
count her towers and her gates
We'll dance on her Holy Mount, Zion sing and shout!
Tell everyone come early, don't be late! / it's a date

In Your Holy Place, filled with compassion,
as in the days of yore / where our spirits always soar
Oh Almighty God, God of love and passion,
Your loving kindness now, forever more!

For all people and the place that you adore,
Your loving kindness now, forever more!
Track Name: Before Mountains were Born
Before the mountains were born, and across the eons of time
Since before earth and universe, You are the One God of mine
Before the mountains were born, and across the eons of time
Since before earth and universe, You were, are, will be, God sublime

Our refuge is You, each generation anew
Bring us back, we'll be true, as to all humankind, you say: Return!
Our refuge is You, each generation must learn
to come back and be true, as to all humankind, you say: Return!
As all humankind hear You return!
Track Name: Return to Us God
Return to us God when we cry, we ask you: How long
shall we see no end of evil and suffering and wrong?
Will the ongoing affliction continue to last?
God have mercy upon us -- let it be in the past!

Show all that live in this world your wondrous compassion
Allow us to see your grace clearly translate into action
Fill us completely with your love each and every morn
-- Your glory to shine upon all of the children you've borne

Then we shall dance and rejoice in uplifted song
Let us be happy each day, let us be strong
Your favor reside with the people in your Holy Land
And prosper well, the honest good work of our hands

Then all shall dance and rejoice in uplifted song
Let all be happy each day, let all be strong
Your favor reside with the people in all of your lands
And prosper well the good work of all of our hands

Return to us God when we cry, we ask you how long
Let us be happy each day, let us be strong
Track Name: Sing unto God a New Song
Sing unto God a brand new song,
slow or fast, soft of voice or strong
Dance children of Zion do no wrong!
Rejoice O Israel in a righteous throng!

With every move we praise God's Holy Name,
voice and drum and flute–in a great refrain
For God desires the people know no pain,
the humble glorified in grace, and not in vain

The upright -- how they do exalt in song!
They honor God with gladness all night long
To the One all arms reach up: Oh, bring us to ya!
And Your praise-- our throats ring out: Hallelujah!

Lai, lai, lai…
Hallel, hallelu, halleluhu, hallelujah!
Sing unto God a brand new song,
Sing out Hallelujah all night long!
Track Name: Come My Lover (Lecha Dodi)
Come my brother, come my friend,
Let's meet the Sabbath bride, just round the bend
Come my lover, come my friend,
Welcome the Sabbath bride, in--joy without end

"Observe" and "recall" -- both in the same command
Of deity unique at Sinai after leaving Egypt land
God is one, and the Holy Name is one
In fame and in splendor – let the song be sung

Toward Sabbath Queen, together now let us go;
Source of all blessings, look around and see them flow
From the beginning, she was anointed long ago
From the very start, God planned to make her so (Come my brother…)

Temple of the King, city of royalty
Arise from your ruins, get out of your misery
You've spent too long, in the vale of tears
Now God's compassion, will wipe away all your fears

Rise from the dust, shake yourself clear and free
Dress you, my people, in your garments of majesty
By the hand of Jesse's son, from Bethlehem will come
My soul's redemption is at hand, listen for the drum (Come my brother…)

Rouse yourself, rouse yourself, and get going--come along
Wake yourself right up now, and let's hear you sing out your song
Your light so fine now arrives, so rise and shine
Upon you is revealed -- the glory of the Divine

Be not embarrassed, nor be you ashamed,
Why be downcast? Wherefore this sound of pain?
All my people's poor will shelter inside you
As the city is rebuilt, on its hill just like new (Come my brother…)

Those who ravaged you will disappear one day
They who despoiled you will be cast out far away
God will rejoice, together with you
As the groom and bride, become one from where they were two

In every field, you'll prosper and lead the way
And you will admire God, who said to rest on Sabbath Day
Descendent of Perez, you are the one who will
Lead us to rejoice and dance, see--we can't sit still

Come now in peace, holy crown upon a man
In happiness and joy – here now for you we all stand.
Amidst the faithful far and wide, our people's always cried:
Come now O Bride! Come now O Bride!

Come my brother, come my friend,
Let's meet the Sabbath bride, just round the bend!
Come in my lover, come in my friend,
Welcome Sabbath bride, and--joy without end!
Track Name: Kadish
Glory be to the great name of God, Amen
All through the world created by Divine will, may God be sole sovereign!
Let it be in the days of your life, and the lives of all women and all men;
Let us see it come to pass very soon now, and let everybody say: Amen!

Forever may God's Holy Name be blessed,
eternally, from world to world and to the end of time -- without rest!

Let God's name be exalted and revered,
glorified and acclaimed from east to west;
Let it be praised, sung in worship loud and clear,
magnified, extolled and honored: God be blessed!

Blessed far beyond all songs and praises, of mouth or pen;
all worship in this world, ever uttered now or then, and say: Amen!

May the prayers, the pleas and supplications,
of all Israel and all who make amends,
be accepted by our parent up in heaven,
as we all say once again: Amen!

May good life and divine peace from heaven, now descend
upon us, all Israel, and all humankind, and say: Amen!

May the creator of peace and harmony,
throughout the heavens in compassion without end,
grant that lasting peace may come to be,
for us, for all Israel, and let us say: Amen!

Grant shalom to humankind, to all life and creation everywhere, Amen!